We provide pure natural maple syrup products. We offer organic maple syrup, sugar, seasoning and maple seasoned nuts among other tasty goods. Try our all-natural organic maple syrup products. We are certain you will love them!

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Our farm is organically certified!

We are certified each year by the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA). If you are interested in learning more about organic certification for your sugar bush, we would be happy to talk with you about the process.

Why Organic?

As fourth generation maple producers, we are committed to forestland stewardship. We want to farm in a way that will preserve our sugar bush for generations to come. Additionally, we believe that organic farming practices serve the best interests of our future health, environment, and local economy. Our organic certification holds us accountable to operate under the highest standards, and it also guarantees our customers that they have purchased a quality product.

Maple Syrup    

100% pure, organic, Michigan maple syrup. Whew, that's a lot of descriptors. And that is because we are proud of things that set our syrup apart from the rest. Whether it is where it's from or how it's made, Maple Dale Farm is excited about what we offer our customers.

Maple Seasoning

Meat, jerky, fish, vegetables: all are a great excuse to use our maple rub! We have perfected an original recipe maple rub with our organic maple sugar as a base. This seasoning is sold in 6 oz. shakers.

Maple Sugar

Our maple sugar is made from our very own Maple Dale Farm syrup. Believe it or not, sugar is made when syrup undergoes a simple heating, crystallization, and cooling process. With no additives, maple sugar is a healthier substitute for other bleached and processed sugars.

Coming Soon

Maple Ketchup & Maple Mustard 

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